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Micro Matic UK Customized Lens Range
At Micro Matic UK we offer a full range of bespoke fonts and lenses to the brewery trade along with a range of standard lenses that can be ordered online and customized with your own artwork. Below is an introduction to our range of lenses that you can buy at to help you choose which one is right for your brand.
Digital Lens Trial
The Hofmeister Brewing Company is the first UK brand to employ Micro Matic’s digital lens to promote its award-winning lager.
Perfect Lens Branding At The Bottom Of The Garden
Love the feeling of getting home after a stressful day at work and relaxing with a beer? Well imagine if you had a pub at the end of your garden to make the relaxation process complete. Welcome to the world of Pub Sheds.
Creating Impact across the Brewery Trade
Micro Matic are global leaders in keg to glass technology and point of sale branding but that does not mean that we are not the perfect fit for small, nimble breweries too. Recently we were approached by Twinshock Brewery to produce a set of eye catching lenses to grab attention for their brand at point of purchase.
Merry Christmas From Micro Matic UK
We would like to wish all our customers, suppliers and friends a very Merry Christmas from the whole team at Micro Matic.
Creating 3D Brand Impact at Point Of Sale
Creating impact, attention and desire at point of purchase is the ambition for most beer brands. The new Heineken Star 3D lens developed by Micro Matic is the latest example of working in partnership with breweries, both large and small and listening to their unique objectives.
Sales Team Growth at Micro Matic UK
Micro Matic are World leaders in Valve in Keg technology, with approximately 70% market share. We have a long relationship with global brands including Heineken, Guinness, Carlsberg and Molson Coors but until recently, we did not have the sales team capacity to cover the smaller and medium sized breweries and other retail opportunities for draft beer in the UK.
Flexi-Draft for Sunderland’s Stadium of Light
Micro Matic are World leaders in Valve in Keg technology, with approximately 70% market share. Micro Matic have sold over 100 Million extractor tubes, and are therefore always looking for ways to develop the market and help their clients further.
Need Artwork Help With Your Branded Lenses?
Don’t know your Jpeg from your PDF and get confused with you DPI’s? Don’t worry, Micro Matic can help. Since launching this website, some customers have approached us to say they like the simplicity and ease of use on the website but that they are not experts in artwork creation and could Micro Matic possibly help. This is understandable as if you are a small brewery, you may not have the in house expertise at hand to resize and manipulate artwork just the way you want. Micro Matic will now reformat artwork, if required, to ensure the correct fit for the correct lens to make your brand look as appealing as possible.
Micro Matic UK will be exhibiting at BevExpo
Merry Christmas From Micro Matic UK. May the whole Micro Matic UK team take this opportunity to wish you a very merry Christmas and a successful, perfectly branded 2018.
When creating branded point of sale equipment for the brewery industry, print quality is of paramount importance. We are therefore proud to announce that a new printer was installed recently in our Micro Matic UK head office.
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